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When you choose a legal representative for your case, you want to know what they will be doing and why you are paying them. Here is some of what we will do to for your and your family to provide you with a smooth and pleasant immigration process:

Free Initial Assessment: After a careful review of your history and credentials, we will inform you of all possible options for your immigration, chances of success and recommendations based on your personal needs (ie: most cost effective, fastest, etc)

File Preparation: you will be provided with a list of required information and documents needed for us to prepare your file. To avoid any delays or unnecessary questions during the process of your file, we ensure complete accuracy between all information and documents. In addition to the basic required documents, we will include other evidence or documents with your file that will increase your chances of a successful immigration file, as well as speeding up the processing of your file by avoiding the visa officer having to request this documents at a later date.

File Submission: Along with your file, we prepare a comprehensive outline of your file, pointing out strengths and clearly indicating evidence of meeting the legal requirements for the category under which your file is being submitted. We will also select the visa office which is most appropriate for your case. Both of these factors improve your chances of success, and moreover decrease your chance of being called for an immigration interview, among other bonuses.

Follow-up: Throughout the processing of your file at the visa office, we take responsibility for responding to all correspondence and requests from the visa office in the best possible manner to speed up the file and to avoid any future delays. We also routinely check for issues and deal with them through verification of visa office notes.

Interview Preparation: Should the Visa Officer not waive your interview, we will prepare you for all aspects of your upcoming interview, including providing you with potential questions which may be asked.

Successful Files: Once your file has been complete, we ensure that every thing is correct and inform you of when you must arrive by at the latest. We also provide you with comprehensive information regarding customs and advise you regarding what you must have with you when landing and how to bring all of your personal assets and belongings.

Unsuccessful Files: Should the Visa Officer decide to refuse your case, we decide the best route to take to assist you in pursuing your case. In most cases, we either request a review of the decision, file and appeal of the decision at the appropriate tribunal or refer you to our esteemed colleague to pursue the refusal that Federal Court level.



As required by Canadian immigration law, all immigration representatives must be members in good standing in either a provincial bar association or the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. All consultation by Aim Canada is provided by Shannon Chamberlain, a full member in good standing of ICCRC.