Immigration Categories

Quebec/Provinicial Nominee


1- Quebec Selection 

Similar to the federal program, applicants are required to live in Quebec upon issuance of the selection certificate and immigration visa. Due to the high level of francophones residing in Quebec, selection of areas where non-french speaking immigrants can choose is limited. 

1.1- Minimum requirements: 

Same as federal program 

2.1- Investment requirements: 

Same as federal program 

3.1- Highlights: 

If granted an interview in Montreal and issued a selection certificate from an in-Canada Immigration Quebec office, the process is faster than the federal program 

2- Provincial Nominees 

This program is designed by the federal government to allow certain provinces select the immigrants whom they desire to live and invest in their province. There are only a certain number of certificates issued to each of the participating provinces per year. This elite program is designed for individuals who make the effort to research business opportunities and undergo business exploration trips prior to the application and/or interview process. 

2.1- Highlights: 

The processing time to receive the selection certificates in each province vary but are usually limited to under 6 months.