Immigration Categories

Super Visa



As a Canadian citizen/permanent resident, you have the right to apply for a super visa for parents and grandparents. The supervisa is a 10 year multiple entry visa which is issued to parents and gransparents of Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents. The visiting parent/grandparent is eligible to stay in Canada for 2 years on each visit. You as a sponsor, along with your spouse - if applicable, must meet certain financial criteria, which changes every year, provide a visitation letter stating your income as well as the accommodations available to your parent/grandpart, as well as ensure that your parent/grandparent has a medical insurance valid for at least 1 year. The visa office will request that your parent/grandparent undergo a medical examination prior to the visa being issued.

You must be willing to undertake responsability for your parent/grandparent following their arrival in Canada.